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Monthly Archives: February 2024

    Good News for Homebuyers: FHA Loan Limits Increase Significantly in 2024

    By Scott Jackson | February 29, 2024

    Exciting news for aspiring homeowners! The FHA has announced significant increases to its loan limits for 2024, making homeownership more accessible. The baseline limit for single-family homes jumps over $26,000, and even higher limits apply in expensive areas. This means more people can qualify for affordable financing and pursue their dream of owning a home. Read More

    Buying a home: Don’t let the 20% down payment myth hold you back!

    By Scott Jackson | February 28, 2024

    Saving for a down payment can seem daunting, but the National Association of Realtors states that the median down payment for first-time buyers is 8%. Various resources, such as FHA, VA, and USDA loans, as well as down payment assistance programs, can make homeownership more accessible. Idaho Housing and Finance Association also offers assistance programs. Read More

    Housing Market Update: Rising Rates Cool Demand, Inventory Builds

    By Scott Jackson | February 27, 2024

    The housing market shifts in 2024 as rising mortgage rates impact key metrics. Inventory rises for the first time this year, while sales pace slows and price adjustments emerge. Despite price reductions, the market is adjusting, not crashing, with slower price growth expected. Whether trends persist depends on future rate movements. Both buyers and sellers need to adapt to the evolving market. Read More

    Guarding Your Dreams: Understanding Wire Fraud in Real Estate

    By Scott Jackson | February 26, 2024

    Wire fraud in real estate is a serious threat, with 1 in 20 transactions targeted. Successful scams result in a median loss of over $70,000. Stay vigilant and verify all instructions independently. Read More

    Boise Builders Bullish: What Does This Mean for Home Buyers and Sellers?

    By Scott Jackson | February 24, 2024

    The Boise, Idaho housing market sees a surge in builder confidence, hinting at favorable conditions. For buyers, more options and negotiation opportunities may arise, while sellers can benefit from stable conditions but must adapt pricing and marketing strategies for success. Read More

    Home Price Forecast Flip-Flop: Experts Up Their Bets for 2024

    By Scott Jackson | February 24, 2024

    In 2024, housing market forecasts have shifted from cautious to confident, with experts predicting significant price increases due to low inventory and rebounding buyer demand. Buyers should act quickly and consider mortgage pre-approval, while sellers can expect strong offers but should remain vigilant. It’s important to stay informed and seek professional guidance in this dynamic market. Read More

    Existing Home Sales Sizzle in January 2024

    By Scott Jackson | February 24, 2024

    In January 2024, existing home sales surged by 3.1%, reaching a 5-month high at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4 million units. Meanwhile, median sale prices hit a record high of $379,100, up 5.1% year-over-year, indicating a seller’s market with relative price stability. Sales surged the most in the West and South, offering increased options for buyers, while sellers can capitalize on strong buyer demand and high median prices. Read More

    Boise Bliss: 5 February Destinations That Capture the Essence of Winter

    By Chad Calvero | February 2, 2024

    As February blankets Boise, Idaho, with a soft layer of snow, the city takes on a magical charm. Embrace the winter wonderland and explore these five captivating destinations that promise a perfect blend of adventure, culture, and coziness. Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area Winter Wonderland Adventure where you can unleash your inner snow enthusiast. Whether... Read More