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    Mike DeGaetano

    M: 208-243-9594

    The two things needed to perform any real estate transaction is a knowledge of housing and access to money. Mike DeGaetano has over 10 years in credit / finance along with 5 years selling real estate. Mike spent many of those years in finance preparing client's credit to purchase a home. There was one client who due to a low credit score, didn't think could buy a house for at least a year or two. Mike put his expertise to practice, jumped his credit score about 80 points in 2-3 months and then went out and sold his client (and family) their first home in the United States (they had immigrated from Kenya). He has also worked alongside underwriters and knows exactly what they are looking for in an application.

    Mike grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where real estate is outrageously expensive. He lost his mother at age 11 to a long battle with ovarian cancer. Being raised in a single parent home caused him to be more financially alert at a younger age. This began Mike's passion for both finance and real estate. After graduating high school, he did a couple years at a local junior college before heading off to Southern California for Bible College. During his time in Bible College, he had the amazing opportunity to study abroad, living inside the Old City of Jerusalem (Israel) for 3 months. Mike has done extensive traveling. He has been to Canada, Mexico, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, England, Israel, Jordan & Uganda (Africa). During his 2 trips and a total of 8 weeks in Uganda, he had the opportunity to serve some of the poorest orphans in the world. If traveling didn't cost so much, he would be addicted. After Bible College, Mike went back to Northern California for a couple years only to move out to Minneapolis, MN where he continued studies at Kaplan University (Bloomington, MN) and began selling real estate.

    After selling real estate for a few years in Minnesota, Mike decided to move to the Boise area to be closer to family. Mike can assist with purchasing a house, preparing finances or both! Mike has some tools in his belt most agents can't offer. Call or text him today to begin your real estate journey!

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    Mike DeGaetano
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